Treatments & Prices

From the moment you enter Estelle Tiffany's Beauty Salon, based in Moorends near Thorne, Doncaster, you will feel relaxed and stress-free. With a full range of treatments on offer for both women and men, from facial and body treatments, eye treatments, waxing, massage, nails, make-up and wedding packages, you can indulge yourself in some luxurious pampering.

Facial Treatments

All treatments include a consultation and skin analysis
Using the French skincare brand ‘Collin’ - high in active ingredients available only through professional appointed stockists.

The Morpho-Skin Lifting Treatment - £40.00
A solution for those wishing to experience, for the first time the results of our sublime anti aging line or those running to a budget. Incorporating deep cleansing, wrinkle reduction and a lifting and firming mask, your skin will look rested and more youthful in just 45 minutes.

The Refiner Pore Treatment - £40.00
This treatment reduces dilated skin pores and insists on a smooth, matt complexion whilst respecting the skin’s fundamental needs. A peachy, soft complexion is yours once more.

The Essential Treatment - (1 hour) £35.00
The ideal starting point to ensure your skin receives what is needed at the beginning of your journey into specialised skincare and beautiful skin for life. After which, your personal beauty prescription will be designed for you. (The Water Radiance, Calmo-Derm or Dermo-Purifying Treatment)

The Hydrolifting Professional Treatment - (1 hour 15 minutes) £49.00
A responsive treatment for the thirty plus client. A complete four stage treatment - deep cleansing, intense rehydration, nourishment and lifting and firming.

The Algomask Professional Facial - (1 hour 15 minutes) £49.00
Adapted to suit your skin’s needs. Your skin is truly refreshed and full of vitality thanks to healthy functioning activated by this seaweed mask rich in essential minerals.

The Regenerating Professional Peeling Treatment - (1 hour single treatment) £59.00
Inspired by major medical and cosmetic surgery procedures. A resurfacing treatment that promotes 'new skin’ growth. Excellent for wrinkle reduction, acne scarring, dull lifeless skin and sun damage. Your metamorphosis is now possible.

The Professional Anti Ageing Eye Contour Treatment - (1 hour) £46.00
This innovative treatment uses gentle micro-current stimulus to reduce lines and wrinkles and lift and firm the eyelid. Your delicate eye area will be radiant, lines diminished (by over 40%) and puffiness and dark shadows reduced.
Recommended course of 4 treatments..

The Professional Combined Anti Ageing Eye Contour and Mini Face Lifting Treatment - (1 hour) £66.00
Combining all of the benefits of the Anti Ageing Eye Contour Treatment with our Sublime anti ageing products, your skin will be lifted with particular attention being paid to the eye area.
Recommended course of 4 treatments.

The Whitevidence Youth and Lightening Professional Treatment - (1 hour) £64.00
To respond to a growing demand for visible reduction against “photo ageing” - brown pigmentation, wrinkles and loss of skin firmness, whilst increasing the skin’s luminosity and colour uniformity. Using ultra concentrated formulas to give immediate results, whilst offering long term corrective effectiveness. After 1 treatment you may find your complexion 100% brighter, more luminous, uniformed in colour and smoother, firmer by 95%, wrinkles less visible by 85% and brown pigmentation reduced by 68%.
Sold individually or as a corrective course of 3 - 6 treatments.

The Source of Life Treatment - (1 hour 30 minutes) £75.00
Reprogramme your skin
Reduce the stress related ageing process
Combining the scientific expertise of Collin-Paris with your Therapist’s holistic techniques, to give you 75 minutes of wonderful, relaxing, de-stressing treatment. The very best of both worlds.
Dr. Isobelle Volle PhD developed Chromo-Science at Collin’s Laboratories with 29 active ingredients formulated to preserve the youth of your skin and to reduce your stress related ageing process. This is the first step to reprogramme your skin cells, to function in the way they did in your younger years.
The Source of Life Treatment features Collin’s proven chemistry on combination with colour therapy, to lift your spirit, plus energy re-balancing movements, during a full salon facial. Thanks to Collin’s 56% active ingredients and your Therapist’s relaxing treatment, you have started your skin’s reprogramming.­

Eye Youth Treatment - (40 minutes) £26.00
Anti ageing, anti fatigue to eliminate the signs of ageing and tiredness to reduce puffiness and dark shadows.
Recommended course of 6 treatments (4 weeks)

3D Youth Treatment - (1 hour 10 minutes) £60.00
3D effectiveness! A must for clients 35 years plus. Facial contours are remodelled and lifted whilst the wrinkle depth is considerably reduced. Wrinkle reduction crow’s feet up to 45%. Naso-labial folds up to 37%.
Recommended course of 6 - 12 treatments.

The Radiance Renewing Professional Treatment - (1 hour) £60.00
Brightening, hydrating, regenerating, anti ageing. The powerful combination of Collagen and Vitamin C. These properties bring extreme reduction in fine lines and wrinkles whilst brightening a dull and lifeless looking skin.
This duo kick start the natural Anti Ageing of the skin. Extreme levels of hydration are put back in to the skin whilst a natural protection against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB are observed.
Recommended course of 3 treatments. Proven efficiency - within 1 hour proven wrinkle reduction by up to 30.5% and increased radiance by up to 80%.

The Anti Ageing Calming Professional Treatment - (1 hour) £56.00
For the first time red, sensitive, angry skin has the opportunity to be treated with highly effective anti ageing properties. Your skin will be totally strengthened, redness reduced instantly, whilst combating the signs of ageing.
Recommended course of 4 treatments (minimum)

The Fountains of Life - (Continue your treatment at home) £70.00
A spectacular 28-day cure with one major goal - to slow the ageing process.
With this spectacular 28-day course, you will give your skin over 40% of active ingredients essential to the cell’s vital requirements, with one single goal: to slow the ageing process. Each specific serum (or “Fountain”) corresponds to particular cellular requirements. The serum’s efficiency is reinforced by the action of colours, whose luminous vibratory waves are captured by your skin.

Just £30.00 (redeemable with a course of facials)
Revolutionary Analysis... ...Ultimate Results

The Collin SkinScope, a unique 21st century computerised skin analysis machine, enabling accurate skin treatment, giving greater results to your skin care treatments.
Clinically Proven results
Collin salon treatments and products will deliver outstanding results and work in conjunction with the specifically designed SkinScope software.

Salon Treatments

Eye Brows - £5.50
Top Lip - £5.50
Chin - £5.50
Under Arm - £6.00
Bikini Line - £6.00
Full Leg - £13.50
1/2 Leg - £10.50
Full Leg & Bikini or Under Arm - £17.50
Forearm - £9.00
Brazilian (Landing Strip) - £15.00
Californian (All Off) - £20.00

Men’s Waxing
Back - £15.00
Chest - £15.00

- (5 minutes) £10.00
Progressive and lasting hair removal. Applied after waxing the results are fewer and finer hairs. Waxing becomes less painful with a real delay in the hair re-growth making waxing less frequent. After 15 - 20 treatments areas may be hair free*. * Natural forms of hair growth

O.P.I - £12.50
Avoplex Moisture Replenishing System Manicure includes nails shaped, cuticle tidy, hand massage and polished.

O.P.I - £17.00
Younger looking hands are possible with a manicure by O.P.I. Luxury manicure all above plus skin renewal scrub, effervescent soak, rejuvenating serum hand and arm massage.

O.P.I - £18.50
Pedicure by O.P.I is a system of professional pampering that transforms ordinary pedicures in to extraordinary spa experiences. Includes nail shape, cuticle work, hand skin removal, leg and foot massage, foot mask and foot exfoliation.

Add Minx on after O.P.I Treatment
- £10.00

Shaped & Polished
- £7.50
French Polished - £8.50
Nail Art - £6.00 (all fingers) £3.00 (up to 4 fingers)
New Minx Nail Art - £20.00
Gems/Transfers - 50p each - 10 for £4.00
Paraffin Wax - £8.00

Nail Extensions
Weekend Nails
- £12.50
O.P.I Axxium Gel Nails - £28.00
Rebalance - £16.50 (2 - 3 weeks)
Nail Replacement - £2.50 each
Backscratchers Nails - £28.00
Removal Nails - £16.00
Includes O.P.I Manicure
Odyssey Nail Extensions - £28.00 a set

Introducing O.P.I Nail Lacquers in long lasting, UV cured, soak-off gel formula
New O.P.I Colour Axxium Gel Overlay
- £24.00
(lasts 2-4 weeks, can be touched up with nail lacquer at home)
O.P.I Colour Axxium Gel Back Fill - £14.00
O.P.I Gel Colour - £15.00 a set or £5.50 with manicure or pedicure
(new gel colour goes on to your own nails and last for 2-4 weeks gives a longer lasting polish)

Eye Treatments
Eye Lash Tint
- £8.50
Eye Brow Tint - £5.50
Combo Lash/Brow Tint - £12.00
Individual Lash Extensions - £9.50

Make-Up - £40.00
Wedding - clean, tone, treatment, cream and trial

Packages Wedding - £52.50
Make-up and trial, eye brow shaped and manicured

Packages Wedding - £110.50
Make-up and trial, eye brow shaped, nail extensions and facial or full body tan

Teenage Facials - £16.50
A perfect start to learn how to look after your skin. Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, scalp massage and treatment cream.

New Treatments

Light Legs Beauty Massage - £46.00
The ultimate treatment for tired, heavy feeling legs! Manual drainage massaging motions to activate and stimulate the micro-circulation - your legs rediscover a sensation of lightness.

Relaxing Back Treatment - £42.00
A 2-step treatment that starts with the application of stress relieving, warm body mask. This mineral replenishing pack, formulated with algae and clay, is used to eliminate toxins, reduce muscle tension and deliver a pleasant sensation or relaxation. The treatment continues with relaxing motions to help reduce muscle tension in the back. A comprehensive treatment to fight the harmful effects of stress and fatigue.

Cellu-Active Envelopment - (40 minutes) £35.00
Ideal to smooth the appearance of cellulite and coarse skin, this treatment will activate the slimming process on visible cellulite less than 2 years old. Good for a pre holiday treatment and before and after dieting.
Sold singularly as a pre holiday preparation treatment or recommended as a course of 6 for long term results.

The Nourishing & Comforting Body Envelopment - (55 minutes) £49.00
The relaxing treatment which will reveal soft, supple, nourished skin. Your whole body will glow with good health whilst the mask delivers essential vitamins to energise tired skin and reinforce its elasticity. Ideal before or after tanning. Sold singularly for relaxation.

The Morpho-Body Stretch Mark Peeling Treatment - £51.00
A result driven treatment to minimise stretch marks regardless of their age and stage. This treatment will strengthen the skin’s tissue and improve the appearance of marks on any area of the body.
Each treatment will cover a 20 x 20cm area
Recommended course of 8

The Diet Kick-Start Treatment - (1 hour) £42.00
Designed to support any weight loss plan and kick start your diet. By working on circulation in your lymphatic and digestive systems this treatment “kick-starts” the natural internal cleansing systems within your body. You will feel invigorated and cleansed both inside and out and your weight loss plan begun.
Recommended course of 4 treatments at 2 per week

Pregnancy Package (Anti Natal) - £86.00
Light Leg Treatment, Nutri-Comfort Envelopment
Complementary Mini Facial (cleanse, exfoliate, mask)

Pregnancy Package (Post Natal) - £38.00
Eye Youth Treatment, Nutri-Comfort Envelopment or Morpho-Skin Stretch Mark Treatment. Complementary Mini Back Massage (15 minutes)

Eye Opener - £71.00
Eye Youth Treatment, Eyebrow Shape and Tint and Complementary Eyelash Tint

Body Treatments
For Ladies and Gents

Our Slimming Treatments are designed to work on specific problem areas; you will see and feel a difference after each treatment. For a full programme your Collin Therapist will design a cure, which will include different programmes over a course of 10 treatments. By using this and our recommended home care products and by following a sensible eating plan you can expect to go down 1 dress size.

Hot Lava Shell Relax Body Massage - 60 minutes - £58.00
For the ultimate, calming massage, the Lava Shells Relax treatment is the soothing solution. As the therapist glides the marine polished sea shells smoothly over the body, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of utter relaxation and calm. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, neck and shoulder area, with the focus of the massage surrounding pressure points. Deep tissue work on these tension areas such as the feet, back and shoulders, ease away all muscle tension, knots and stress points, unblocking an energy flow and releasing a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.

Hot Lava Shell Relax Face & Body - 90 minutes - £75.00
This is the ultimate Lava Shells experience for both the face and body. The warm lava shells deep tissue massage works over pressure points in the palms, arms, neck and shoulder area, as well as the feet, back and shoulders to induce total relaxation. This is combined with a gentle facial massage to stimulate the circulation, ease tension lines and boost natural radiance.

Hot Lava Shell Back Massage - 30 minutes - £22.00
For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this deep tissue massage uses heated lava shells to achieve a firm deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly stress free and rejuvenated.

Hot Lava Shell Back & Legs Massage - 45 minutes - £40.00
A treatment ideal for both men & women, this is a deep tissue massage using the heated shells focussed on the back and the legs. Strained muscles, knots and stress points are worked upon with deep tissue massage to provide immediate relief.

Anti Cellulite Programme - (1 hour) £46.00
For those with cellulite this programme will work precisely on the fat celles and firm the silhouette - dispersing cellulite for a smooth, firm contour.

Contouring Programme - (1 hour) £46.00
For those with stubborn fatty deposits around the waist, stomach and upper arm. This treatment will “break down” the fat cells for a more contoured figure.

Draining Programme - (1 hour) £46.00
If you suffer from cellulite and are prone to fat, heavy, swollen lower legs this treatment aids the elimination of toxins through lymphatic drainage whilst firming the contours of the body.

Lipo Draining - (1 hour) £46.00
This treatment will break down fatty tissues and disperse water retention by improving the lymphatic circulation. Ideal for those with a fuller figure.

Self Tanning Treatment - (1 hour without spray for home use) £26.00
(1 hour with spray for home use) £46.00
Working with your skin to bring your own natural colour. A natural look which may be increased if required.

Dermo Purifying Back Treatment - (1 hour) £41.00
A deep cleansing treatment for the whole back for those suffering from congested or acneic problems or simply as a post or pre summer deep cleanse, available singularly or corrective courses of up to 8 treatments.

Sublim’ Bust & 3D Décolleté Treatment - (50 minutes) £38.00
A total treatment to bring back the youth to your Breasts, a major asset to your femininity. For volume and structure, lifting and firming. Also available as only a neck and décolleté treatment. Advisable pre and post maternity and surgery. Intensive course of 6 is highly advised.

Body Silk Treatment - (30 minutes) £20.00
Soft, silky, beautiful skin. To remove dry, dead, rough cells and a hydrating veil applied. Ideal before and after tanning.

Tranquility - Relaxation - (1 hour 15 minutes) £64.00
A Sea Salt Scrub will eliminate rough, dry skin. You will then receive a full body massage to relax you whilst our secret ingredient gently warms your skin. You will then be enveloped in a lemon verbena paste to ensure the warmth stays within you. Relax for a further 10 minutes, gently sleep in a candlelit haven for the ultimate tranquil experience. This treatment finishes with an invigorating, wakening balm.

Serenity - Ultimate Relaxation - (1 hour 45 minutes) £74.00
A Sea Salt Scrub will eliminate rough, dry skin. You will then receive a full body massage to relax you whilst our secret ingredient gently warms your skin. You will then be enveloped in a lemon verbena paste to ensure and placed in a heated blanket to ensure all muscles and joints are cocooned in a blissful wave of warmth. Relax in an atmosphere of candlelit serenity whilst your therapist cleanses your skin and performs Collin’s Eye Youth Treatment to erase the stress of your hectic life. This treatment finishes with an invigorating, wakening balm and a treatment cream for your face.

Full Body Massage - £27.00

Back Massage
- £15.00

Indian Head Massage
- £19.00

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